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Welcome to Spring Hills Academy; one of the most advanced schools in the country. Just not as popular as the rest of them, you see. It's not exactly the most prestigious of high schools, or even big; it's the same as any other private school. Few students, small classes, but still the same drain as any other.

From the outside, it looks like your normal, run of the mill high school, that any kid would disdain going to. The teachers look boring, the classes aren't that interesting, and the principal just looks like a creeper who stays in his office all the time. Within the school, though? Well, that's a different story entirely. Homework is never required, classes are more fun than people lead others to believe (field trips, anyone?), and the dormitories are better than most people's bedrooms at home.


What makes Spring Hills Academy different from any other AU high school game? Well, not a whole lot.

Spring Hills is an alternate universe panfandom roleplay; it's set in real life, modern time, in Toronto. Yes, we're on Earth now. Any magical powers or super strength that your character had before? Gone now. You're not going to have to save the world these days, just make sure you pass your final exams.

...did we mention the crack? ♥

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Sorry if you see this more than once on your friends list. ♥
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