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T'oran-Samu Mods

"Here Lie-"

You stare at the stone memorial, unable to make out the rest of the carvings.

When you went to sleep the night before, you certainly had not counted on waking up in front of a lake. You shiver - it is snowing. The scene is beautiful, breathtaking, but as you turn your attention towards the stone memorial, you feel a sharp pang of sorrow and you hear a voice.

"Please help them."

You draw in a shuddering breath, and you look around. On your left, you see a town, with short, ivory white buildings. You look over to your right, and you see cottages, and the occassional horse carriage.

You wonder how two neighbouring settlements can look so different from the outside, and more importantly, where you are.

Maybe if you walk into one of the two towns, you will be able to obtain some answers.

You make your choice, and you step towards the town, not knowing what to expect at all.

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