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High school is always a scary time. The classes. The cliques. The gaping maw of an unknown future just waiting for you. On the surface, things are pretty typical at Hypnos High, Home of the Nightmares. They have a football team, a drama club, a debate team. A niche for just about everyone. Mondays are infamous for the mystery meat that the lunchroom serves with gravy in hopes of passing it off as Salisbury steak.
But there's a little something extra on the curriculum.
Once a week, on Thursdays, many students march downstairs to the basement infirmary. There each one finds a cot waiting, secluded from the others by a white wrap-around curtain. Lay down. Relax. Close your eyes...
A class on dreaming seems pretty sweet. But again, that's just on the surface.
This dream is unlike any other. You share this dream with all the other students taking this class. And in the dream who you really are, or your deepest, darkest secret is exposed for all your classmates to see. Some are fortunate enough that their dream form isn't a direct reflection of how they look when they're awake. It might be disguised, or not even human. Others aren't so lucky. The classmates who stumble across them will recognize them, and they're forced to wonder what those classmates will do with the secret they now know.
And then there's those three mysterious beads that everyone has around their neck...and the "key" that is randomly hidden in one dream form's body every class...

In this school, there's no such thing as a Graduation Ceremony.

nightmare_high is an rp based on Setona Mizushiro's manga series "Hokago Hokenshitsu/After School Nightmare."
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Our opening date is 11/11. Applications and reserves are both open! We don't have any Death Note characters yet and we'd love to see some, as well as other fandoms. We also welcome older characters in roles of teachers or other faculty.
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