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New member yay!

Anyway. I go by Yuki and I play Canon!Light and Princess!Mail ( don't ask ) over at appledcore. It's a lovely little crack comm with plot events and fairies! Full of fun and surprise and a voice that forces the people there to play party games, appled is way fun.

The Premise?

Once upon a time, a castle exploded.

Torrents of unrestrained magic flooded the lands, the skies, and the seas, and eventually, a wormhole was created. One that would change the destinies of not only those from that world, but from across all dimensions of the universe.

It would snap the limits of time, it would twist the boundaries of space, it would overwhelm countless beings, both human and not, and pull them into its lethal vortex and at the end, gift them with every material thing they could possibly want with only one price - their futures.

All to be spent in a single room.


You don't need to have any Harry Potter knowledge to play here.

We have a lovely little Death Note mini community within the comm and would love to see new people.

Currently we have:
Beyond Birthday (au)
Kagami Taro (canon)
Mail Jeevas, "Matt" (canon)
Mail Jeevas (medieval)
Mihael Keehl, "Mello" (canon)
Mihael Keehl, "Mello" (catboy)
Yagami Light (canon)

Obviously canon and AU characters from Death Note are welcome as well as several other fandoms.

Personally, I'd love to see an L and more Lights, and maybe a Near or two. Teru and Misa are very much welcome, too!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment or email me at gentleyuki@aol.com

I'm the mod as well~ And I can answer (just about) any shipping questions or possible plot questions anyone might have about mine or the other people's characters. Maybe...I think. I will try if nothing else!
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