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[Enlevement Mod] [userpic]
Enlevement {A Pan-Fandom RPG}
by [Enlevement Mod] (enlevement_mod)
at July 7th, 2008 (12:52 am)

Enlevement; A Multi-Fandom RPG looking for open-minded roleplayers.Collapse )

Hi! We're looking for many Death Note characters, especially Misora Naomi (...because our B needs someone to creep out XD). However, other characters such as Yagami Soichiro, Matsuda, Watari, Sayu, Ryuk, Rem and even Gevanni are going to be worshiped more than welcome. ♥

***PS: If the image is considered 'large', I apologize. I just figured that, as long as it didn't stretch the page, it was alright. >>;

sparkling ♫彡 [userpic]
by sparkling ♫彡 (monoyuki)
at July 7th, 2008 (03:46 pm)


Welcome to Celesia, a world far from home. Your bodies have been digitized and sent to live in this virtual universe without warning. It looks like a beautiful and magnificent place full of magic, people, and wonder. Everything you feel with your five senses seems to be real. It doesn't appear that you've changed...

But why are you here? It's because the rulers of this game world need players. There are plots to fulfill, work to do, amusements, and of course, there's the occasional virus that will mess with you or your surroundings. But really, you're just here to interact and have fun... right?

Whatever~ Come on in! ♥

This is a multifandom rp.



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