July 9th, 2008

Original - Jun

Econtra looking for new DN players

Hi all, Econtra_rpg is looking for Death Note characters and I along with most of the current cast would really love to have some new faces in the game. We have a lot of characters open and the game allows for both OU and AU versions. Apps will be approved on the 14th next so if you're interested, please read the info and check it out :)

Earth; Year Unspecified
The world has fallen on hard times. Humanity is at war with an enemy beyond their capacity to fight, referred to as the Entropi. Under their attacks, the population of Earth has fallen to a fraction of itself, hiding and scattered across a planet now mostly uninhabitable, In desperation, resources exhausted and faced with extinction, humanity did what it does best: got creative.

For years, the possibility of alternate worlds had been known. Now the best of Earth's community have convened to create a machine called the Consulo. Simply, it reaches through the boundaries of this world and into others. Its makers have not perfected it; there is no time, and it must be put to use immediately if humanity has any chance of survival. Its premise is simple: to capture. The Consulo targets those who register in some way extraordinary, be it mentally, physically, or even arcanely. They are plucked from their worlds and deposited into this one.

It doesn't always work as planned.

Neocontra; New Compound, Same War
With the original compound poisoned by a rogue Entropi, the Warden makes a drastic decision to save the lives of the residents rather than obey his superiors. Spiriting them away to a new location unknown to the Keepers, he carves out a new place for the Drafted from a forgotten city. Clearly abandoned but slowly rehabilitated by hard work, it becomes livable once more.

Yet they cannot stop looking to the skies above the Obex Wall, wondering who will find them first, the Keepers or the Entropi?