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o_o_hi [userpic]
by o_o_hi (o_o_hi)
at July 15th, 2008 (05:26 am)

There are many ways to get in...
For many, State University is just another Ivy League college. Like several other in the country, State University offers high standards and a large number of straight-to-work graduates. It's test scores are above average and it's hidden setting make it a great retreat for city kids who want to get away and focus on their schooling.

A great primary college, the teachers are all more than happy to help their students along their ways. The college itself offers many scholarships for nearly everything, wanting a large diversity in it's student body.

Though, to those who know the school, be it locals or those who have done serious homework, the college has a secret. A secret well kept behind locked doors but still rumored among those who come to the school and those who leave.

The Skull and Key Society.

We are a brand new AU Multifandom community based loosely on the Skull and Bones/Scroll and Key societies of Yale University and the movie series The Skulls.
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