August 19th, 2008

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Infinity Dressing Room

Infinity Dressing Room is a multi-fandom dressing room that allows characters from all fandoms, be it anime, manga, books, movies, etc. Bored? Looking for a partner or curious to see how your character may interact with another? Want to play out a storyline? Whatever your desire, feel free to play it out here and have fun!

Contact: E-mail

If you would like feedback on how well you play your character, feel free to leave a comment on the optional How's My Driving meme, here.

Wanted Characters/Pairings: Here
1. No application is required to play here. Just join and post.
2. Since this is a dressing room, expect all sorts of characters--both OU and AU. There may very well be multiple people playing your character. If you don't like it, maybe a dressing room community isn't for you. Since everyone has their own take on characters and AUs may or may not affect how a character is portrayed, don't start wank over how someone plays
3. Also, don't start wank over how many people may play a certain character. If you want to see someone else, make a journal for that character. Everyone is welcome here.
4. Don't bring OOC drama into the community. Contact a mod, if you can't work it out amongst yourselves.
5. Any storyline is fine and if you have a suggestion for a community wide event, please feel free to contact the mod. For mature content though, please mark it clearly as not safe for work.
6. You can play in whatever style you prefer.
7. No godmodding or controlling another person's character/doing something without their permission.
8. Have fun. ♥

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