August 31st, 2008

Darkworld a literate Death Note rp


You wake up, and all you can see is black. There is nothing else. You don't know where you are, and at first you think you've gone blind. That can't be true, and it isn't. You walk about a mile in any direction, and the world around you gets lighter with each step. You hear voices in your head, information. Someone is telling you what to do, and you have no choice but to listen to them. Apparently, you are part of a game. In this game, the only goal is to escape from the darkworld, and return to the human world. You are not the only one taking part in the game. There are many others in the same position as you, some you may have met and some you haven't. The voice in your head tells you what you need to do to escape. He gives you challenges, and you are expected to follow them. How will you know if he's telling you the truth or not? He may just be leading you on for his entertainment, though with the lucrative prizes essential for your survival you'll do anything. There are many areas of mystery inside the darkworld, odd sights of things you couldn't even imagine before. You start to hear voices in your head, and you wonder if you are turning insane. You might just go insane in here, if you can't stop yourself. You can lose controll in the blink of an eye. You can get lost in seconds. Despite how horrible the dark world is, do you really want to travel through the reflector pool to reach the light world? It may be a beautiful place in appearance, but it hides its own share of secrets.

If you are the center of your own world all it takes to destroy that world is one bullet.

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Extra information


1. No flaming, constructive advice is alright by me, but some things will not and should not be tolerated. If you have a serious problem with another player, then please handle that in PMs and not let it affect your RP.

2. No godmodding you can not decide what another player will do. If you are in a fight and throw a punch, for instance, you can not say whether or not it hits... Though try to be realistic, one character can not avoid every punch thrown at them no matter how strong or fast they are.

3. Keep OOC to a minimum Try to keep OOC out of the main RP and in the OOC comm only. You are allowed to OOC talk in the main RP only if you:

want to inform the other players that you are leaving your computer.

Want to tell anyone about long term abscenses.

or want to make a small comment.

4. No OCs. There are enough main and minor characters in Death Note to have a sizable RP, so there is no need for OCs. This is simply because OCs are hard to controll. They often turn into Mary Sues, and they often don't stick to the personality and bio in their application. No matter how well written your OC is, I will not accept them in my RP.

5. White/Black lists If you do not follow the rules you will be added to the black list, and banned. You get two warnings for breach of the rules before I add you to the black list, but it'd be best not to cause any trouble. I don't believe my rules are asking too much from you, it's pretty basic stuff. People who go above and beyond in for this RP, including helping, advertising, and just being amazingly kind and devoted players will be added to the white list for their acheivements.

6. Be as literate as possible. Try not to use much L33T speak or anything like that. Please do not use abbreviations either, *like b/c for because.* I understand some spelling errors and grammer problems, but at least try to spell correctly.

7 when sending an application Please type "the dark world invites you for a festival of wonderful delights" in your application to show that you have read the rules. If you do not type this, if and when I approve your character I will have to ask you to read these.

8. when posting in the RP, please fill out this form and use an LJ cut underneath it for the actuall RP.Character: *who's in it?Setting: Where is it?Warnings: Nudity, violence, anything else we should know about?Description: very short. Why is your character here?Other characters in it: List as they appear.

Setting and locations

The Dark world

The dark world is the circular setting in which your characters will find themselves from the start of the RP. It is about the size of five miles both horizontally and vertically. Most of the landscape is just empty black plains, and mountains but there are a few areas of interest to be used as keypoints during a few of the challenges.

Mormain Mountain (located far north from the Circle of Black)- this is the largest mountain landscape in the dark world. About the size of the real life mount Everest, it was created with challenges in mind. The mountainside is extremely rocky and the edges are steep and sudden. Much caution should be taken when travelling up it.

Circle of Black (located in the center of the darkworld.)- This is the area in which all new characters begin their adventure in. This is an area of complete blackness about that stretches about a mile in every direction. At first it is impossible to see anything, but as you travell further in any direction it begins to get somewhat lighter. It is often used as a checkpoint or a marker to find your way.

Astrea (located two miles west of the Circle of Black) - The only building in the darkworld. It looks like a school, but there is no one inside. Three stories high, complete with a fully stocked cafeteria and a gym. It would be a good place to stay or rest, despite the fact there is an occasionall eerie laugh from a small girl that doesn't seem to exist.

Drakula's tree (located a mile east of the Circle of black) - the home of the trickster Drakula. Come here only if you want a hint as to how to complete a contest. He will assist you and give you hints, if you agree to exchange some of your lifespan. He is bound to the tree by a curse and cannot leave.

Mirror Pond (located three miles south of the Circle of Black) - The entrance to the Light world. Merely submerge yourself in the pond, to be transported to the light world. Besides that, a worthless pond of undrinkable water.

Locked Door (located five miles west of the Circle of black.) - This is the mysterious door that is suppossed to be able to take you home if you complete all of the challenges.

Light world

All of the locations in the Light world are exactly the same as the Dark world, except for the fact that the world is bathed in bright light, almost too much to bear. Here it is more peacefull, except for the fact that there is no way to participate in the contests if you live here. It is a good place to rest and relax after a challenge.

Vital Information

Eyesight: Generally the dark world's lighting is equivalent to the normal night in the human world, with only a few variations. For instance in the Circle of black the very center of the circle, in which your character starts out, is so dark that you can't see a hand in front of your face. As you walk further in any direction you can gradually see more. In the Light world, the amount of light is equivalent to a normal day in the human world.

Sleep: In this world sleeping and resting are not required. Food and Water: Are also not required for your survival. They can be helpfull, but are not required.

Challenges: will be announced in posts by the Gamemaster, who will tell you what it is that the characters will do, the reward for the first completion, and the time limit in both game time and real time. If you fail to complete a challenge within the time limit, you will be given an appropriate curse.

Curse: Everyone who comes into this game is automatically given a curse. The curse will be a limit on one of their best abilities to keep the game somewhat fair. Other curses may be tacked onto your character if they fail to complete a challenge.

Death: Characters can die, but death is only temporary in this game. Death only last a few minuits for your character, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt them extensively. Not only that, but it can also put them far behind in a challenge. Death Notes still work here, so Light and Misa can kill anyone whose name they know.


To apply for a character send me an E-mail at with the subject line "[character name] enters the dark world" I need to see these things in your application to be able to accept them:

Appearance: either a short description or a picture will do.

Personality: Basic description, about three or more written sentences will be fine.

Bio: Write as much as you can about the characters history and interactions with other characters as you can here.

Curse: what would be an appropriate curse for your character to have?

RP sample: Just write something to show that you can competently play the character here, at least a paragraph.


If you want to reserve a character please send me a message saying which character, and I will give you exactly a week to make a profile for the character before I remove the reserve. You can also request another weeks extension time for a reserve.


giggling_ghost by elisabell_angel the ghost in Astrea schoolhouse. Looking for friends...
drakula_dw by elisabell_angel - gives hints to those who give up part of their lifespan.


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Getting into contact with a mod

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas for contests please post a comment on the mod post below, or else just email me at OOC Thread link