September 5th, 2008

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Twilight Beach is a beautiful stretch of sand surrounded by the city's attractions and the emerald colored waters of the ocean. The city's forever gaining new developments and more reason to come and stay. Ever growing, the city has enough things to keep it's inhabitants busy ranging from shopping to the amusement park by the pier. Great for the businessman, the heart of the city has several office buildings, many with a tall view stretching over the water.

Most certainly not the newest member to Twilight Beach, and yet no where near the oldest, Twilight Terrace sits by the water's edge. Within these three tall buildings, there's a place for everyone. With rooms ranging from one bedroom to an entire floor. Many of the new college students find a place here as well as the life long families who sought a home with a view. Everyone is welcome from the famous to the barely making it. Prices vary but the owners are always nice as long as nothing too serious happens.

Twilight Terrace is an Alternate Universe Multifandom community based around the fictional Twilight Beach. In a modern day setting, characters are expected to be altered accordingly to fit into a world without magical powers.
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