September 20th, 2008

Dark Skyline

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NOW OPEN! We already have a decently large DN cast, but please feel free to add some more!

- P R E M I S E -

That little voice in the back of your head, the one that whispers dark things, the one that causes your nightmares and fuels your anger, fear and hate…it has a name. Your name. It has your past, it has your face. It has your laugh, your smile and your scream; in almost every way, it is you.

Only Disturbed.

Not only are the people within Disturbed…so is the entire city itself. On the surface, it seems the regular bustling metropolis, with shops lining the sidewalks and neon lights lacing their frames, boasting their wares. Beneath the feet of those travelling the streets, however, lies a second city, mirror to the one above; it has its name, its past and its face, and is in every way the city of Disturbia above. But make no mistake, it’s Disturbed, and in ways that can break, shatter and kill.

Which side of the city do you walk on?

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