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sorakachan [userpic]
Looking For Some Players!
by sorakachan (sorakachan)
at October 29th, 2008 (07:48 pm)

Allo, people. I come requesting characters who hopefully have some good RPers out there. My primary focus is a Matsuda-player who would enjoy RPing Light/Matsu (Ah, now you see why it's so hard for me to find anyone, lol). I would especially enjoy it if this player doesn't mind having absolutely no rating limit (yes, my Light can get quite kinky and sadomasochist), though I can work with limitations on rating if the player is squick-y about some stuff. I'm basically looking for someone who'd be willing to commit to an LJ or IJ multifandom RP with my Light, but is okay with having somewhat of a try-out at first.

Now, the next one (which is not in dire need at the moment) is an L-Player willing to play L/BB. Though, I don't want this L to be trusting or sympathetic to B's plea at all at first. I want it to be a long drawn-out process of getting to the point where L starts caring for B. Also, my B's past is slightly tweaked from what Mello writes it to be in AN, so we'd have to come up with a reason why L would tell Mello a different background for B.

Anyone up for grabs?

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