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Death Note x 28 Days Later
by The Eggo Cynic (eru_ryuuzaki)
at January 17th, 2009 (12:45 am)

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Late one night, British animal rights activists break into the Cambridge Primate Research Facility to free chimpanzees being used for medical research. The local scientist warns the activists that the chimps are infected with what he calls a "rage virus," but the activists disregard him and set one chimp free. It immediately attacks and infects the activists and scientist. This quickly spreads to unsuspecting civilians at an alarming rate.

The British leaders are scrambling to contain it before the news arises, and so turn to the top detective in the world for advice on the situation. Meanwhile, the infection is spreading through the nation, inching it's way towards Wammy's.

Various countries surrounding Britain are joining the effort, but soon they're faced with a cruel choice: To risk spread and attempt to save any survivors or completely isolate Britain and await the infection to die out. Were it to come to such a choice, any logical individual knows the correct procedure. Which protects the most lives and unfortunately, the survivors are outnumbered by the remaining population of the world.

Where would you hide? What would you do in such a situation? Is it better to be in groups or alone? In your own home or a foodmarket? Above ground or below?

Would you survive 28 Days? Twenty-eight weeks? Years?

Link: http://infectednote.proboards.com/index.cgi

Other Information;;

- VERY new/Just started
- In need of most canon
- Literate roleplayers
- Staff positions potentially open
- OC are allowed (and encouraged)
- Suggestions/Comments welcome

Thank you any and all that check it out,
~ Infection Note admin

by Wammy's House Mod (wammyshousemod)
at January 17th, 2009 (07:08 pm)

Wammy's House

Founded in Winchester, England after the second World War, The Wammy's House began its existence as a home for exceptional orphans. This initial goal still stands today, though the main goal of the school has since changed. With the success of Wammy's most successful pupil, the great detective L, the focus of the institute has shifted to finding L a suitable successor.

Soon enough, it became apparent that finding a successor for L would be no simple task. Although each child was full of potential, none of them compared to L. The founder of Wammy's, famous inventor Quillsh Wammy, codename Watari, began to contemplate this problem with the help of L. Soon enough, it was decided that the pool of children in their world just didn't offer enough variety to choose a successor for sure. This led to the formation of a plan that most would consider insane. To L and Watari, it was simply an interesting challenge. If the children of this world weren't enough, what about the children of other worlds? Watari soon began plans for a machine that would allow them to reach into other worlds, other universes. Insane as the idea might have seemed, it succeeded. Since this breakthrough, the already competitive nature of Wammy's has increased tenfold. Young prodigies from many worlds now take up residence there, as the fight for the spot of L's successor continues.


Wammy's House is an AU multifandom RPG set in the Death Note universe. As either children or instructors at Wammy's House, characters from any fandom are welcome, be they from an anime, the real world, or anything in between.

This is a brand new community.
(As of now, all Death Note characters except for L and Matt are open.)

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