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sparkling ♫彡 [userpic]
ersatz world - opening soon
by sparkling ♫彡 (monoyuki)
at March 2nd, 2009 (11:45 am)

Perhaps you opened a door, thinking you knew where it went, but it led somewhere completely different. Or perhaps you casually turned a corner on the street and everything suddenly changed.

Welcome to the other world... the Ersatz World. Here, the sky is different, and the land is covered by dense, dark forests. The atmosphere feels ominous.

You are standing before a large gate. It swings open, inviting you in. Beyond it lies an enormous house. It's a bit oddly shaped, with pillars and tall windows. It seems to be an old mansion. A foreboding aura radiates from it, but the warm lights coming from the windows tell you it's probably the only place where you can find life, or at least someone who could tell you where you are.

Going inside, you realize that the mansion is far larger than it appears. There are numerous floors as well. It's more than just living space. It could be its own miniature city!

This mansion was the first thing made by the Creator, as is everything else in this world. Strange, mysterious, and creepy things happen here. There are dangerous beasts in the forest, and the mansion and the land itself changes. Unfortunately, there is no way to leave. So, please enjoy your stay and peek into the dark secrets of this other world.

This is a semi horror-based RP. We welcome all sorts of RP preferences.

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Number One Delinquent, Raspberyl! [userpic]
by Number One Delinquent, Raspberyl! (modeldelinquent)
at March 2nd, 2009 (09:11 pm)

This is Unreal.

A brand-new reality show has just premiered.

The premise is simple: people from countless different worlds and times are being pulled here, against their will, to compete against one another in a series of televised challenges. And make no mistake, they're intense; some, maybe even deadly.

The stakes are high. Win, and you might have a shot at going home. Lose, and at best, you're on for another season. Otherwise, you might even lose your life... or worse.


Unreal is a multifandom, Livejournal-based RPG, allowing characters from most existing series.


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