March 6th, 2009

Howl 1

(no subject)

Looking for an L to my Light for dark, "romantic-ish" type RP. I say "romantic-ish" because it's definitely nowhere near romance, and probably not even love. Thinking of perhaps behind the scenes type stuff, consistent mention of the NPA members (I hate when they're forgotten), and play around the timeline of Light first joining the investigation until L's death.

Requirements are: lots of time for RP, an extremely well-developed L (ideally one who has been given a childhood history, etc etc.), someone who believes personality and intelligence are equal in L's characterization, and someone freely willing and able to discuss intense characterization. (An L who actively tries to condemn Light is always appreciated.)

I don't really think samples tell me what I want to know, so I'd like to hear it right from the player.

If you're interested, just send an IM straight to "I pwn Heartless" on AIM. (Yes, Sora RPer to the max.)