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The Game - Mod Journal [userpic]
The Game - Multi-Fandom Sex RP
by The Game - Mod Journal (thegamemods)
at March 18th, 2009 (11:30 pm)

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'Life is a Game.'

At least, those are the words etched into the stone entryway leading into a suspiciously secluded mansion. The wrought iron gates separating the residence from the outside world open of their own accord - there is no one there to guard them.

Watch your step, though, for those who enter never come out again.


They call it "The Mansion", and they call the unseen owner of this strange abode the "Game Master".

The building itself is gorgeous; castle-like in its size and grandeur. Several courtyards are scattered throughout the main intersections, and on its grounds are many acres of woodlands and meadows within the confines of its gates. One could get lost in the never-ending maze of rooms and hallways, libraries, kitchens, common rooms and entertainment rooms. One could forever indulge in the materialistic pleasures found at every turn. One could almost forget their purpose or reason in living in this deceitful paradise.

But one may never, ever stop playing The Game.

It is the Game Master's favorite game to pass the time with, and it is an ongoing event within The Mansion. Attendance is mandatory, and no absence may ever be excused. Disobedience is dealt with swiftly and ruthlessly; odd, unexplainable occurrences plaguing those who dare defy the Game Master's whims. One might turn blue for a week, an easy enough punishment, or one might find themselves gender-swapping at random. It all depends on the Master's mood.

Not everyone wants to play The Game, though. Especially when that game consists of nothing more than a pair of sex dice, an unforgiving task master, and a house full of people you may or may not despise being forced to molest.


Currently, we are only accepting characters from the following fandoms:

Death Note
Fruits Basket
Full Metal Alchemist
Ouran High School Host Club
Vampire Knight


Gameplay begins April 1st, 2009

Now Accepting Applications

More Info
OOC Community
Mod Journal


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