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Wammy's Island Mods [userpic]
Wammy's Island RPG
by Wammy's Island Mods (wammys_isl_mods)
at April 1st, 2009 (12:07 pm)

Sorry for the confusion! Yes, this game is still accepting applications, and will be opening the 13th of April!

Welcome to Wammy's Island!

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere is an island owned by Quillsh Wammy. On this island is a large house, a resort; a practical oasis. Although you have no idea how you ended up here, why would you want to leave? The kitchen is fully stocked, the rooms are comfortable, and the library is over-flowing with books. Strangely enough, there is no way off the island, no radios, and no planes.

All guests have access to every book, and every room. Randomly for one week, the Death Note appears to one "lucky" guest. No one knows how, and no one knows why, and the guests have only that time period to solve the mystery before their memories of the Death Note are erased and the case never solved. Only two people know who carries the Note: the phantom who "drops" it, and Mr. Wammy himself. Oddly enough, neither of these mysterious characters are ever seen.

In the meantime, sit back, relax, read a book, and enjoy your stay on Wammy's Island.
Game Information

This game is currently ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS and will open APRIL 13

-Wammy's Island is a pan-/multi-fandom RPG mixed with some elements from Death Note. The Death Note is a crucial part of the events, and only appears to one character of a time. Aside from the Death Note, Wammy's Island is the same as any island resort, with rooms galore, tennis courts, swimming pools, and other activities.
-Characters from television shows, video games, anime, movies, and books are permitted here, as well as Original Characters.

Frequently Asked Questions
Game/Application Rules
Taken Characters & Reservations
Application Guide
HTML Guide
"Death Note" Event Information and Sign Up
Mod Contact

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