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by Jake (squirrellyrage)
at April 10th, 2009 (08:32 pm)

Name: Jake
Doesn't Play: Misora Naomi, B, Lidner, Matsuda, Ude, Mogi, Sayu, Sachiko. I also have very little confidence in my Mello, but for the right person, I would not mind playing him. I can play pretty much everyone else.
Wants: RP in which we let the geniuses be geniuses, and not sex-oriented. More action-packed, let's say.
Ships: I can be convinced into a lot of things, but again, not sex/pairing-oriented RP.
Does Not Ship: No Light/Sayu, or anything with B in it. I don't really know much about B, so playing with him would be awkward.

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