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quintet_mods [userpic]
by quintet_mods (quintet_mods)
at April 27th, 2009 (06:43 pm)

The setting; Earth, 1960. Global tensions were at a peak as the cold war rages on. Countries stockpiling nuclear weapons, organizing skirmishes of smaller countries. Everyone expected the third world war to be sparked in a blaze of atomic fire.

Military Scientists created a new artificial virus, genetically modified from the herpes virus. This virus reanimated working dead tissue, creating 'zombies'. The infection was made to spread as quickly as possible; biting, infected blood or saliva. It was a miscalculation; soon, the virus was spreading like wildfire and more than half the world was zombified.

Soon, the only option left to the world leaders was purification of the world by nuclear fire. And several stars burned across the earth's crust, scaring it forever.

Humanity endured, as it always has. The survivors picked themselves from the wreckage, and started to rebuild, scavenging anything they could. Raiding groups began to spring up, along with slavers, packs of surviving zombies, and other, much more deadly monsters.

Along the West Coast, ten towns are aligned in a trading route just past the Rocky Mountains. And this...is the tenth town.

Welcome to Quintet: last stop to the middle of nowhere.

A multifandom game based on Fallout.

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