May 9th, 2009

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Mello and Near pair looking for a Matt to join us in private storylines/RP. We both want something kind of specific, but great ideas are always very appreciated.

We are NOT looking for:
-hacker/Mello's dog/lazy Matt; We don't mind hacker SO MUCH, but it's just overdone. Good with computers, sure, hacking into the pentagon with a few wires, a motherboard, and a stick of gum...not so much.
-Matts with no background/development/history; We're looking for more of a basic history, just for Matt's very early childhood, his time up until Wammy's. The three of us will get together to discuss anything past that.

We ARE looking for:
-didactic, dynamic writing and the ability to carry a plot forward if it seems to start to lull
-Matts who don't care about pairings, and can play friendships with equal intensity
-quippy, assholish Matts
-easy-going (not lazy/unwilling to do much, but more willing to go with the flow) Matts
-intelligent Matts!

If this sounds like something you're interested in (I have samples of our RP to show if you want), hit me up at squirrellydanger on AIM and we'll set up a chat time.


It's as simple as daydreaming. One minute you're experiencing your normal life, the next, after only a moment's inattention, you're tugged into a world unlike what you've seen before. All around you is a white plane with a sky filled with clouds in colors like cotton candy, going on and on for as far as you can see. And, as you take in your surroundings, four people greet you. Well, one is a purple unicorn.

But you can leave whenever you want, and return to your normal life. The catch? You don't remember the strange other world while you're in your own, and as soon as your mind starts wandering again--and it will--you will find yourself back, remembering the previous time you spent there.

Your life continues normally when you are in your own world. But when you're inside--you're at the mercy of the rulers of the Collective Imagination.

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