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by showyouthem (showyouthem)
at May 22nd, 2009 (11:40 am)


It seems like everything is finally back to normal in the Sinnoh Region.

A year has passed since Team Galactic was defeated, and for most people, it's like the events of last year never even happened. With no further space-time disturbances and dimensional rifts, everyone seems happy to go back to their everyday lives.

However, there are always rumors-the Sinnoh region is practically built on them-and everyone on the street has a story to tell. Team Galactic has mostly reformed into a philanthropic energy company; however, there are rumors that the team has splintered into the benevolent version that most people are now familiar with and an underground extremist group that is steadily gaining power to resume its attempt to find a limitless energy source and make the world their own. A foreign crime syndicate, Team Rocket, has moved in to take their place. Even Team Magma and Aqua are angling for a piece of the profits to be made in Sinnoh.

There are new Pokemon and strange evolutions of the older, more familiar ones.

But these are just rumors. The police have no evidence any new criminal organizations and the few pictures of these supposed new Pokemon have all been dismissed as hoaxes. However, that doesn't keep the whispers from passing from one ear to the next, and there are enough of those to make anyone wonder.

But who has time to worry when there are Pokemon to train, natural disasters to fight and Pokemon to study? Everyone knows the Sinnoh region is filled with gossips, why would this be any different?

Pokeology is a Panfandom Pokemon AU set in the Sinnoh Region of the Pokemon world that allows characters from almost any canon you can think of, as well as canon characters from all Pokemon games, manga, and the anime. Be a trainer, a coordinator, a breeder, a researcher, a ranger... or maybe your character would know a little more about the rumors of Team Rocket and Team Galactic than most, hm?

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Jigoku Mods [userpic]
by Jigoku Mods (jigoku_mods)
at May 22nd, 2009 (05:25 pm)

Hey, wake up. Stop wasting time.

You open your eyes to shades of green and gray and the taste of cinnamon in your mouth. You know you weren't eating hard candy when you fell asleep, but that's the least of the things that don't make sense. Something's scratching at the door. There's a large roll of red tape at the foot of your bed... but it isn't your bed. This isn't your home. In fact, you can't imagine anyone who'd live in here willingly. But not everything in this apartment is living. They can't leave.

And now, neither can you.

You're Jigoku Apartment's newest tenant.

Jigoku Apts. is a multifandom game inspired by J-Horror (those scary Japanese movies) and survival horror. Welcome to a real "ghost town". And nowhere is more haunted than the only place you have to live. There's a piece of candy in your mouth when you wake up and that's supposed to make up for any pain and fear that's inflicted on you. More importantly, you're left a roll of red tape. When used to tape up the doors and windows, it keeps the ghosts on the other side of the door on the other side.

But sooner or later you're gonna have to open the door.



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We currently have a Light, L, and Matt, and would love to see more Death Note characters. Many characters from other fandoms also available.

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