May 25th, 2009

(fishies and) nereide

Nereide, a new multifandom game starting on June 1st!

nereide: arrival

The world twists around you, and you're somewhere else, surrounded by steel and glass and the murky blue waters of the ocean outside. The cold air bites your skin, but only for a moment. Soon you're covered with a blanket, given clothes and guidance. Then you're on your way out into the streets to explore the great Nation of Halcyon, your new home.

Above your head, the strangely lit ocean is endless

about nereide

Nereide (nereide_rp) is a panfandom role-playing game taking place across several submerged city-sized ships.

Characters are free to travel from ship to ship, as well as explore large portions of the ocean as they try to build a life for themselves... or unlock the secrets of their new home.

Players are free to play sandbox-style, or become involved in the larger, evolving plot. But careful - the world is full of corruption and deception, going hand in hand with its immense and occasionally surprising beauty.

Taken Requested Reserve Application Rules FAQ

We have a fairly large Death Note cast already, but what we're really missing is a Light to plot with our wonderful Misa, and an L to give Light a headache and work with and/or lend some guidance to our Second Arc cast (and, in theory at least, the Naomi Misora currently on reserve). Our Matsuda is really looking for an Ide as well! Of course any cast member would be welcome. :D