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☠ [userpic]
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by ☠ (warplanes)
at June 1st, 2009 (03:00 am)

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Imagine your every-day city.

Imagine a street blocked by a small fair, people smiling, the smell of food cooking-- imagine a prosperous city. Imagine happy families and heartbreak and overwhelming joy and nice estates at the edge of town, imagine a place where people from all over flock for art, for recreation, for fun.

Now that you've got that cheerful image in your head, flip it upside down.

This is the city now, that was the city then-- people fucked up by trying to play god, you know? And now they're just screwed. Ever hear the story about the guy who flew too close to the sun? It's like that, 'cept on a grander scale. But it's not like you need to know about anything that happened here before-- nah, man, you're just here from wherever you were, for whatever reason, a pretty little bracelet fixed on you and a searing pain in your wrist, an inability to do whatever magic tricks you could do before. Top priority is just to survive, after all...

Wasteland is an apocalyptic, survivalist panfandom RPG hosted on the LJ-coded site Inksome!. We are currently looking for fresh blood to help get the game back on its feet, and are home to obscure and popular fandoms alike; we also boast friendly and in-character members. Join us today!

We only have Misa Amane in our DN crew so far, so would like more!

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