June 19th, 2009

Duo Maxwell

Cambiare - multifandom RP


A free vacation to a tropical island resort, this must really be your lucky day! Pack your bags you’re on the way to the Cambiare resort! Swimming, Scuba Diving massages, the works are awaiting you on this tropical isle. Your cruise ticket in hand you rush to the nearest dock to catch the S.S Anne for the four day cruise to the island.

Once aboard, you are offered the finest of drinks. After the first few sips you start to feel funny. The world begins to fade from view as you enter a deep sleep. You awaken for a moment, a bright light above your head, shadow like figures looming above.

They murmur something that is intelligible to your clouded mind before you slowly drift asleep again. When you next wake, you are in your quarters aboard the ship. You scratch the back of your head in puzzlement and notice a small abnormality. You are almost positive that it wasn’t there before, but it could just be your imagination too. It’s a free vacation, what’s there to worry about!?

What's really going on...

Scientists have always had the feeling that there was a difference in the chemical or physical patterns of the brain between someone who is considered “heterosexual” and one who is not. What if, a simple procedure could make those changes?

And thus, you have the scientific and social experiment known as Cambiare. The worlds top medical and social scientists have come together to prove theory as a truth and discover what stresses a person could really be put through.

The doctors exploring everything they know about the human brain have made the changes needed to the hypothalamus and have turned the text subjects from strictly heterosexual to not. Of course, the sociologists needed a control group in order to document the differences and change. Yet, they couldn’t allow the subjects to ignore their orientation because it was new, so there was one more modification made to the subjects. Sexual relations would now be treated like an addiction (of sorts), eventually refraining from it would cause symptoms similar to those of a withdrawal from a narcotic.

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