July 31st, 2009

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Looking for a game where I can play Light!

I am a bit picky, and I don't really know what's out there, but I'd probably want either a Deathnote canon game (not AU please D:) or a city-based game where Light can do his Kira thing and piss off everyone! I do NOT godmode with Light at all; I tell everyone ahead of time if they might die or not and make sure I have their agreement before making any moves. If you want to start a game that is Deathnote based or could really use a Kira-like villain, and wanna consider a great Light, send me an IM @ I pwn Heartless on AIM. I love babbling about Light and can tell you how I work him in a game. :D


Mild AUs may be okay, if your definition of AU is to change the direction canon goes in a canon game, or to throw characters in a new world. I do not like AUs that involve multiple versions of characters or changing a character's life/personality drastically. :<

Lastly, after bad experiences, I will not join games that advertise as sex, crack, survival horror, or the above-mentioned AU. Thanks!

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THE PANFANDOM; You start out in your own little world, surrounded by things familiar to you until you find a strange glowing light on the ground. Considering you are a creature of curiosity, you inspect it and find yourself in a large, never-ending hallway with endless archways that glow. Unsure of which one you came from, you keep coming in and out of different ones, hoping you'd find the one you came from.

You've entered The Beyond, who knows how long you are going to be lost. There seems to be some strange re-occurring pattern of an organization coming up in each person's world, threatening their ways of normal life.

Certified Panfandom is a game where your character can live in their own world and travel to others by finding a glowing point. They might get lost on their way in or out, so it doesn't matter. This is a panfandom game that offers weekly challenges for characters and is hopeful for activity. This game is what most panfandoms lack!