August 8th, 2009

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THE PANFANDOM; A man named Ælia who runs an organization with a megalomania streak, deciding that he would like to have worlds run as he sees fit from his Castle Oephon. It's unknown to how many he's been to or how people have been affected, but it has been drastic.

There seems to be some strange re-occurring pattern of the organization coming up in each person's world, changing the way things should have gone, changing events and trying to make everything as he sees fit..

Certified Panfandom: This game allows characters to meet one another in their own world, in the world of Oephon or explore places on their own. Th central plot is set out by the moderators but the individual plots are encouraged! At this game there is also challenges that your character can face, please join us! If you have an old panfan line you wanted to do? Here is the place to bring it in! You can bring existing panfandom rps, lines to this one!

【disgaea】 as blue as a summer raindrop
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Elegy City; a panfandom RP

w h e r e t h e m u s i c i s i n y o u r s o u l
Elegy is a community-based, panfandom roleplay
played out in a red light district setting where
two rival Houses fight for dominance and
where music influences all aspects of the city,
even giving characters strange abilities.

We currently have L, Matt, Mello, and Light active. More Death Note characters would be great!

The Olympus Project - A Multifandom RP Opening August 10th!

The Olympus Project


You wake on an examining table, naked and surrounded by women and men in white. Their features are obscured by surgical masks and protective gear, blinding white light bathes the room, murmurs of words blend into a chorus of unintelligible sound. You won't know why or how you got here, what is happening.

You will be tagged with a bracelet next. You may try, but it will not be removed.

You may be scared, you may be confused, but the injection should help with that. As soon as it is given, you'll feel a rush of euphoria unlike anything else you have ever felt.

You will then be clothed and blindfolded. You will realize you're being led by pairs of strong arms through corridors, down stairs. You may struggle, you may fight, but soon enough, you feel a breeze against your skin, recognize the smell of fresh air.

You're outside.

And after a short car ride, you are let out with nothing but a backpack full of neccessities, a map, and a small device they say is to keep in contact with others.

The map only shows one clear direction and you are advised not to leave the trail--there are guards and vicious animals after all.

If you follow the path, you will wind up in your new home.


Welcome to Hell.

These people know your sins, however minor, and you will be expected to atone for them, to pay them off, before they consider giving you absolution and allowing you to even so much as taste Heaven.

Tartarus is a city in shambles. In this city, vice rules and if one wishes to survive, they must fight in order to do so. You may have to resort to things you would have never considered, demeaning yourself in ways you have never even dreamed of.

Jobs are scarce and the pay is barely enough to scrape by in most cases.You may have to resort to shadier business--stealing, fighting, drug peddling, prostitution. Any way to make the ends meet.

In this city, everything always seems cold and dreary, except for the large, circular building in the middle of it. That is half of the Olympus building, where the scientists and doctors who chose you for this social experiment sit and watch. Though surrounded by a dangerous forest, it is well-lit, vibrant and lively.

In both cities are large screens viewable by all. On it is a bright, cheerful red-head, Meora, the face of the city. She will give you updates on goings on--as well as friendly reminders for your injections. There are other faces as well--a shady man in black and a doctor, but you needn't know their names yet.

Oh and don't be surprised if, at the end of every month, you start to feel a little... ill. Just come to the good doctor for your injection and it will make everything much better. Don't question the injections either.

They're harmless. You see, in this world, there are many illnesses not all may have built up immunity for--these are just to keep you healthy.

And the side effects? Are barely worth mentioning. Think of it as a vitamin.

You've been given a glorious way to start over, with the promise of Utopia waiting for you, if you can just suffer through your punishment. You will be given a chance every two weeks to show your worthiness of Elysian--a city where you will want for nothing and never, ever feel pain.

You should feel honored to have been selected, personally hand picked by those brilliant minds who run The Olympus Project.

What The Olympus Project is...

The Olympus Project is a multi-fandom RPG, accepting all games, books,movies, anime/manga,etc. Your character has been selected to participate in a social experiment devised by some of the top minds in their fields--scientists, doctors, even a few crooked politicians to help fund this experiment at playing God.

It is set in a far off, nameless future. Your character will start off in Tartarus, a rough, dirty city, with nothing but the clothes on their backs and a small communications device. Think of a touch enabled phone. The communicator allows them to keep a journal where they may post voice, text, or video entries. This will allow them to keep in touch with fellow citizens--even those in Elysian.

Your character will receive monthly injections that will affect them in various ways, all according to your preferences. You must choose both a positive and negative effect and keep in mind, the injections are also highly addictive. They provide a sense of euphoria and well-being afterward. The sensations peak and last varying lengths of time, depending on your preferences. Anywhere from a few moments to an hour. However, because they are highly addictive (think like heroin or cocaine), that means every month, they will suffer through withdrawals.

This is to ensure they go back for their injections every month. Further information on this can be found in the FAQs.

Twice a month, characters will be given a trial to undergo for a chance to move from Tartarus to Elysian. The severity of it will vary; anything from a test of courage, to deprivation of something the character holds dear, to a battle.

characters may try to sneak over the great wall that divides the city, but it is unlikely that they will succeed--there are guards posted everywhere. When caught, the character will be sent to a prison and properly punished for yet another one of their sins.

And the scientists know all of their sins, however big or small.

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