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down the rabbit hole, into the wolf den

It all started with an invitation. You can't remember picking it up, but it seems quite official. Pressed with a strange seal, the neatly typed letter inside is a simple, cordial invitation to a city that doesn't quite ring any bells. It asks you to go to the U.W. Building to take part in a game, and provides an address. You know you've never heard of the place before, but something compels you to go. Maybe curiosity, maybe boredom, or maybe some force you can't quite put your finger on.

Eventually, a flashing neon billboard welcomes you to the city. It's got a strange name, but that seems less important than the sudden sensory overload. The billboard was only a small taste of what lies before you – tall flashy buildings with neon signs and strange architecture surround you. Everything has a state-of-the-art flair as you pass by, but you can't help but feel like there's a layer of grime on everything around you, no matter how many shiny surfaces you can see your face in.

City Hall stands at the center of the city – a decidedly old-fashioned building, especially in comparison to its surroundings. Your eyes trace the building up towards the sky, brick by brick, an imposing monument to a time this city doesn't seem like it ever even saw. The lobby is nearly empty, save for a perky receptionist. Standing and bowing graciously, she leads you into a room off to the side marked “The Rabbit Hole.” Apologizing profusely that the Mayor can't be there personally, she encourages you to pick a prize from the table. A choker, a bracelet, and an anklet – strange rewards for a deed you don't remember doing.

It fits perfectly – perhaps even a little snugly. With a winning smile, the receptionist informs you that the next room will explain the game's rules. The door behind you is locked, and there's only one way out: through a door marked “The Wolf Den.” The next room seems like a movie theater, with a screen in front and a projector high above. Without any prompting, a film reel begins to play.

Welcome to unWonderland.

unWonderland is a multifandom roleplay based around the game of mafia. Characters are put into two different teams, rabbits and wolves--the rabbits must figure out who the wolves are and kill them before the wolves kill them first. The only way to survive is to earn points through winning the main game or any of the mini competitions. The only way to go home is to earn enough points.

Have fun.
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