August 28th, 2009


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project verde
Everybody knows the story of Hansel and Gretel. But what if it wasn't a candy house that they've found, but a village?

The Village of Verde is a large community located in the middle of the Dark Woods, almost a city if not for the lack of access to the outside world. There is a well in the center that provides the villagers with water, and everything is provided for. Shelter, clothes, food - everything is free, and aside from little skirmishes here and there, the neighbors all live happily with one another.

The people in Verde are generally very open-minded as far as sex is concerned. They do not share the same reservations that those in the outside world may have. Sex is sex and it doesn't matter who you do it with as long as both (or all) parties consent to it. It is not usual for students to excuse themselves from lectures or for shops to show the "closed" sign in the middle of the day so that people can have a quick moment or two to themselves and their partners. Monogamy is a concept that most do not share either. Everything is shared, nobody is somebody else's property.

Everything is perfect, despite having a curfew. At sundown, everybody is expected to remain indoors as the guards patrol the place to keep it safe from the monsters that roam in the forest around. But these monsters never bother the villagers in the day, so as long as you stay at home at night, you are safe.

Or so you think.
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