September 12th, 2009

Sewn-up smile

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Hey, wake up. Stop wasting time.


You open your eyes to shades of green and gray and the taste of cinnamon in your mouth. You know you weren't eating hard candy when you fell asleep, but that's the least of the things that don't make sense. Something's scratching at the door. There's a large roll of red tape at the foot of your bed... but it isn't your bed. This isn't your home. In fact, you can't imagine anyone who'd live in here willingly. But not everything in this apartment is living. They can't leave.

And now, neither can you.

You're Jigoku Apartment's newest tenant.

Jigoku Apts. is a multifandom game inspired by J-Horror (those scary Japanese movies) and survival horror. Welcome to a real "ghost town". And nowhere is more haunted than the only place you have to live. There's a piece of candy in your mouth when you wake up and that's supposed to make up for any pain and fear that's inflicted on you. More importantly, you're left a roll of red tape. When used to tape up the doors and windows, it keeps the ghosts on the other side of the door on the other side.

But sooner or later you're gonna have to open the door.


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