October 20th, 2009


e r o n u m : city of dreams.

You wake up, same as you do every day. It's a dull morning - Saturday, to be exact. Foggy. Cold. You have a shower, eat breakfast, read the paper. Then you decide to go through yesterday's mail, which you left laying on the table after coming home from whatever it is you do all day Friday. Bills, bills, junk, bills, more junk, a postcard from someone you don't know, junk--

Wait a second.

You inspect the postcard, which bears the image of a city, full of skyscrapers, towers of windows, and a few city houses. It looks impressive, especially if you've never seen a big city before, all bathed in winter light. The message reads differently for everyone; for some, it advertises a vacation in Eronum, the city of dreams. For others, it notifies them of an assignment they need to undergo - anything that's sure to hook them and draw them. There's no return address. But it sure is tempting.

You might decide to go ahead right away. A vacation, why not? Now is the perfect time to kick back! Or maybe that assignment is one that sounds very important to you. After you gather your necessary items, you're on your way. But then again, you might choose not to go. Obviously it's some kind of scam. You know better. And that's when you'll fall asleep right on the spot. When you wake up, you're on a train already in motion...

There's only one train that travels to Eronum (and you have trouble locating it, if you chose to go, as every person you meet gives you strange looks when you ask them for directions to the proper platform), and it is an unusual trip. For one thing, you have the sneaking suspicion that you're the only one on board besides a stewardess who requests that you not wander whenever you decide to do just that. And for another, it seems as if you are traveling through a tunnel the entire time. It's abnormally dark, inside and outside the train. Soon enough, you step off the platform at Eronum station.

But there's a problem. You learn later that the train is no longer functioning and cannot return to the station. There are no other ways to leave or enter Eronum (or so you are told), and the city officials assure you the problem will be remedied as soon as possible so that you can return to your life back home.

You're left to wander the city. It seems to have a little of everything, and the crime rate is low - you think, maybe it would be a nice place to live. The locals are friendly and accommodating toward tourists (of which there are many - does it seem odd that new foreign faces seem to be turning up all the time? How is that possible with the train not running?), so finding places to eat, play, explore, and even live isn't very hard. They're even offering jobs to the people stuck there.

Maybe it's not so bad.


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