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Jaquiel [userpic]
Looking for players for Kannagara~
by Jaquiel (jaquiel)
at January 20th, 2010 (02:28 am)

Kannagara is a panfandom collaborative writing game set in the ancient, mystical realm of the Shinto gods, where dreams and gods collide. Your character will have the ability to not only experience the dreams of other characters, but can also experience their worlds.

With the completion of our beta run, we've entirely revamped the game and the world, and are now looking for strong writers who are interested in a community-based panfandom game that will have overarching elements of fantasy, mythology, and survival.

The game will be restarting on January 31st and reserves are now open.

Game Site | kannagara_rpg

We already have an L and would love to get any castmates!

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