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Boss of Odd Tales [userpic]
by Boss of Odd Tales (odd_boss)
at March 2nd, 2010 (09:36 pm)

-The Odd Tales-

+The Story+
You walk alone in an empty street until you reach a mansion where no one lives there. Somehow you’re attract by the looks and without notice, you enter the mansion. Inside, you found out that you’re somewhere in a different world where you never seen it before. You try to get out but the door isn’t behind you anymore.

An innocent girl with a book appears in front of you. She smiles and cheerfully greets you, “Hi! My name is Alice. Welcome to my world, guest. I hope you enjoy your stay.” Before you could speak a word, she vanishes in front of you. You become a part in her game and play as a cast in her story tale. Happy or not, you can't escape from her illusion world.

+The FAQ+
-This is multifandom role play. You enter this world but cannot escape from the tale.
-Who is this 'Alice'? Alice is a girl who loves to read books and loves to pokes people. She is the one who brought you into her world by reading the tale book. If you ask her to let you get out from her world, she won't let you. Unless you drop your character.
-Each theme in community will change every month.
-Any questions, you may ask directly to Alice.
-Extension FAQ can be found here.

+The Rules+
-All post will be on first person and no ooc.
-The arcs will change every month.
-Be respect of other players.
-Check and double check your grammar. You might spoil their fun.
-No godmodding, be nice.
-Have fun!

+To Read The Tale+
To Apply
The Cast
The Wanted
To Reserve
To Drop
Q&A and Suggestion
Past Events


The Mods odd_ooc odd_tales odd_crack


The application is very simple and it's still open! Apply now!

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