October 31st, 2010


Engraved Holly; a Fatal Frame III based Panfandom Roleplay


On a night just like every other night, you close your eyes and drift far from consciousness. You dream; but the experience is not quite like anything you have dreamt before.

Slowly and silently amidst a desolate mountain forest, snow falls from the black sky and through the decrepit ceiling of an old, labyrinthine structure. Weatherworn floorboards creek as you warily begin to explore, your path dimly lit by lanterns and the moonlight that manages to permeate the paper screens – what may be left of them in many rooms.

You have never been here; you should not be here, and yet… something beckons you deeper; the fleeting sight of someone you cherish – someone you have lost and long to see, if only once more. Perhaps it is the barely audible notes of a mysterious lullaby that echoes distantly through the halls, or merely your own morbid curiosity…

But as the warmth is drawn from you, each breath visibly dissipating in the cold, heavy air, you know that you are not alone. There are others who dream and cannot wake; among them, those who do not welcome you. Unfortunately, it will take more than a sudden shock for you to return to the comfort of your own bed; your own room, your own world.

…For you are now trapped within the Manor of Sleep.

The Vacant Dream

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