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embermods [userpic]
by embermods (embermods)
at November 16th, 2011 (03:12 pm)

The Death Weapon Meister Academy



In the scorching desert of Nevada lies a city in which a academy is located called the Death Weapon Meister Academy for students who are talented enough to have the ability to take care of corrupted souls called Kishin. Their mission is to make themselves powerful and for the Meisters to make their weapons into Death Scythes for Death's own personal use.

The city is dark and gloomy in appearance, a pile of various identical-looking buildings with white walls and red roofs in the middle of the deserts of Nevada, with the buildings resembling those of European origin from the 1800's. However, seeing the city from within it, it is actually a rather lively city rich in atmosphere and culture.

The cobbled streets are long and winding and often maze-like, with lots of stairs, twists and turns. Right at the top of the 'pile' of buildings is the Death Weapon Meister Academy. A single long highway leads out of the city. Its appearance also seems to resemble the settings seen in Tim Burton and David Lynch films. Unlike the real world, The Sun and The Moon that appear over the city (and in the rest of the world in fact) have faces and can usually be seen grinning or chuckling. Overall, it is a strange-looking city.

The businesses in Death City tend to have supernatural themes and where a lot of people make their homes.

This game is a panfandom that is located in Nevada, it's a city/school game based on the anime Soul Eater but it does not follow the story! We welcome all fandoms.

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