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by advertising journal! (advertjournal)
at January 28th, 2012 (09:10 pm)

Welcome to Captio!!

Welcome to the world of Captio! The place has been completely abandoned and left to rot the way it is. Fortunately, it has enough resources to start a new civilization with what was left from the last one. The Management in charge have powers that allow them to pick and choose who they would like to live and thrive on the world. They've set up facilities for clean water, a power plant, basic animals and a food storage facility.

Sadly, these facilities are not close together and are in different areas that have drastically different terrain and time-frames. The paths to these facilities have dangerous monsters that are attracted to warmth, and it's even more dangerous at night. Many people stick to town that is kept safe by fences.

The monsters were the reason for the loss of human life. The Management seems adamant to get a new, stronger race of people to live there but it is unknown as to why. Each person that is taken away is give one wish and their soul is given to them in the form of a bottle they must protect, this wish can be anything. They seem to be doing this out of the good for "Captio" but The Management is not telling us something they know..

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