phasmatis_faces (phasmatis_faces) wrote in deathnote_rpads,

a b a n d o n a l l h o p e y e w h o e n t e r h e r e .

You might be walking home or just slipping out of bed when you suddenly find yourself in a place you've never been before. You may find yourself in a house, a business, or even in the middle of the street, but regardless of where you are, it will all have something in common...

That something is everything is empty, abandoned.

Despite food still on the table in the houses, beds unmade, TVs and stereos blaring, and despite the businesses being open and looking very much like they were bustling with people recently, there isn't a soul in sight.

There are vehicles abandoned on the roads, large screens set up all over the abandoned city equipped with speakers that blare all over, announcing in a distorted, eery voice that you have been chosen to live in Phasmatis. There is no exit either. If that wasn't bad enough, you are under the rule of a person who seems to be able to assume any face at will--or are they different people? It's difficult to tell.

Mostly, things will be normal and fine. Life will go on like it always does.

Unless the Ruler gets bored, of course.

Who knows what will happen then? All you can do is try to settle in and enjoy your life here in this city. Despite its ominous feel, you can find most comforts of home, for free! There isn't anyone around to run anything, so you might as well claim houses, clothes, and food for yourself, for free. It seems to replenish itself anyway...


Phasmatis is a pan-fandom DR-style community that allows characters from all types of manga, anime, TV shows, movies, etc. Multiples and AUs are both allowed as well.

All characters are brought to a ghost town and cannot leave. Though muns are encouraged to come up with their own plots and stories, there will be events held that can be participated in as well.


✘ Don't start wank. If you don't like how or who a person plays, please keep it to yourself or provide CONSTRUCTIVE criticism if they're open for it. No flaming.
✘ This is a DR. Expect multiples, AUs, and for people to not always play a character your way.
✘ This DR is also het, yaoi, and yuri friendly. Anything goes. Please lock any mature threads though.
✘ All of that said, please do try to stay IC.
✘ If you have a problem, please don't hesitate to contact a mod.


Mods -
✘ Cee (everything_pose)
- Contact: AIM: myelectricwings
✘ Syd (uncouth)
- Contact: AIM: aho dera
✘ Peeps (recevoir)
- Contact: AIM: hey thenpai
Tags: multi-fandom

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