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X [userpic]
Looking for...
by X (witchouse)
at December 27th, 2009 (10:21 pm)

Hi there! I'm Kia, and my friend and I are looking for a Light to play with our Misa (me) and L (her ;) ). Both of us have a good six or seven years rp experience behind us (though not in the Death-Note-verse). We're both over eighteen, have a good grasp of syntax and grammar, and love us a good bit of psycho-drama, angst, smut and glorious, glorious plot.

We're looking for a player who would be happy to play both het and slash (and possibly both at once), someone who is happy to para-rp, knows the character inside-out and isn't easily squicked (not that we're both foul deviants or anything, but really, Light, L and Misa? Its bound to get just a wee bit kinky on occasion, don't you think?).

I can be reached at anime_insane@hotmail.com on msn (please don't email this address though, I don't check it), and CthulhuDeus on AIM. Alternatively, send me an LJ message :)

I look forward to hearing from someone!


Posted by: Matt (logical_red)
Posted at: January 21st, 2010 05:51 pm (UTC)
cutie Matty

Heh - jus' spammin' your rp ad. :P

You don't need any silly ole Light - Matty's allllll you need... :3

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