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Callidus: A Death Note-based Survival Horror RP Board

The year 2010.

In the heart of a Cambridge research facility, a virus has broken out. Spreading slowly at first, it nearly flew under the radar and for the most part, was left unaddressed.

Little by little, the virus has spread, until it is now threatening to overtake civilization as we know it. In the midst of this, there is Kira: God to some, murderer to others, running rampant in the midst of all of this chaos, using the frazzled state of the world’s security forces to his advantage.

With the level of chaos rising daily, will order ever be restored?

More importantly, how will you survive?


Callidus is a Death Note based, survival horror AU. Both canon and original characters are welcome.

Board Information

[*] The game has just begun, so many canon to choose from

[*] Laid-back, but hard-working staff available to assist

[*] OCs are welcome as well

[*] Focus on plot and characterization

[*] Present tense, third person
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