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Uzumaki Naruto [userpic]
RP for sweet arts.
by Uzumaki Naruto (9tailedfox)
at February 14th, 2011 (04:57 pm)

I am looking for the BEST Death Note RP I have ever had in my entire life. To that end, I am willing to offer a "payment" to get it, namely, I will draw all matter of sweet fanarts of choice for the person that can provide.

Can I draw? I think you'll find that I can, but this be a bit NSFW for partial nudity.

Someone who plays L. I play Light, and he needs an L.

Someone who can double as parts of the investigation team, Misa, Mikami, whoever. I will as well. If not, someone who knows people who can play them along with us!

Someone who knows when IC is needed. In Death Note, this is pretty much always.

Someone with ideas. Preferably ideas that I didn't already come up with.

Someone who won't ask me what I am going to do, or what I want them to do. We're on opposite teams essentially playing against each other...I don't want all the details of your plan miles in advance, it kind of ruins the whole point of intellectual banter.

Someone who can accept all sexualities that can possibly occur and RP them fully if they come up, but someone that absolutely doesn't expect any romance in an RP where half the characters have to worry about being killed.

Someone who neither strives for a happy, sad, romantic, or depressing ending, but who strives for the best possible story.

Someone with few limits, and I'm not talking about smut.

Someone who understands the importance of plot AND characterization, and doesn't favor one over the other in RP.

Someone who is GOOD at both of the above.

Someone who knows L like the back of their hand and didn't stop reading DN because he died, therefore missing all the information you get about him after that.

Someone with a hearty helping of natural common sense and critical thought.

Someone who is okay with losing.

Someone who is okay with winning if the win is right there for the taking.

Someone who has read the manga/seen subs. Sorry, the dub ruined too much.

Smaller specifics:
--Someone who knows a bit about how police work runs, how computers work, and perhaps about Japanese society.
--Someone with impeccable grammar and spelling, and who can write from long to short depending on the situation.
--Someone a minimum of 18. No exceptions.
--Someone who RPs over IM.
--Someone with TIME. I usually RP evenings after work and I take a couple hours just to discuss characterization before any RP is done. You gotta have time during the week.

It's a lot, but just imagine all that awesome stuff you've always wanted drawn and now can have for FREEE~~~~~ And in exchange, I will be the bestest Light I can be for you and hopefully rock your world with DN RP.

PM me with an AIM name or something and I'll respond promptly!


Posted by: Uzumaki Naruto (9tailedfox)
Posted at: March 3rd, 2011 10:51 pm (UTC)

I don't play on either, sorry.

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