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birdkeepers [userpic]
by birdkeepers (birdkeepers)
at June 13th, 2011 (07:13 pm)

RP ad under the cut due to size and an obnoxiously large blank area I can't figure out how to remove...

Deadman Wonderland is Japan's very first privately-owned prison, and is also an amusement park, circus, and carnival all in one. If you're here, it means you've done something wrong and need to be incarcerated. Theft? Treason? Murder? What's that, you say—you aren't even guilty of the crime you were convicted of? Well, either way, you're here now, and you won't be leaving.

You arrive at DW in the back of a paddy wagon escorting you from the jail where you were held prior to sentencing. Upon arrival, each inmate is given a bag of essentials -- one change of jumpsuit, a manual that details the rules and regulations and daily life of DW, and one piece of "candy". Hold on to that last one; you'll need it to counteract the poison that's being pumped into your bloodstream by that collar around your neck. Once a week, you'll need to eat a piece of the antidote candy, or you'll drop dead where you stand.

Fortunately for you, death isn't permanent. After all, there's no escape from Deadman Wonderland.

Blood Carnival is a panfandom AU RP for players 16+, set in the hellish prison Deadman Wonderland. Applications and reserves are currently open; the game is scheduled to open June 27.