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Death Note RP Ads

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Have you ever really felt like joining a Death Note roleplay, but just couldn't find an active one you liked? Or do you wish your roleplay had more players?
Well this is the place to advertise your roleplay without having to worry about annoying the crap out of the general comm! Plus, this will make things a lot easier for people who are looking for a new rp to join.

01. Please keep posts on topic! This is a comm for Death Note or multifandom roleplays. You can pimp out your favorite roleplay (as long as Death Note characters can play there), or search for a partner, but please leave all talk about how sexy you think Light is or how episode 25 affected you to the general comm. Don't know where that is? death_note

02. Please put any overly large images or tables, or excessive text under a cut. This is a common curtesy to save people's flists.

03. PLEASE TAG your ads as "Death Note only" or "multi-fandom" accordingly. This will make it easier for those who are looking for one or the other. Don't know how to tag? >click here<

04. Play nice. This shouldn't be a problem, but just don't be an ass, okay? Cool.

Your friendly neighborhood mod is megglez13. I'm a pretty low-key mod, so you probably won't see me too much, but if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to pm me.